Warning Signs of Shocks and Struts Failure
Warning Signs of Shocks and Struts Failure

A shock or strut failure could be disastrous for you, your vehicle, and your passengers. Worn shocks or struts can force you into dangerous situations due to the instability they cause your vehicle. The good news is that in most cases, a worn shock or strut is easily identifiable by how the car drives. Here are some of the most important warning signs of shock and strut failure.

Veering or Sliding in Winds

One of the more noticeable warning signs of shocks and struts is that the car is veering and sliding around the roadway. Shocks and struts provide stable contact against the road. When they start to become worn, they can cause the wheels to lift off, causing overall instability.

Uneven Wear on Your Tires

Sometimes, shocks and strut failure can result in uneven wear on the surface of your tires. Because there is instability between the vehicle and the road, tires can sometimes rock around slightly. This can become noticeable over time, as uneven tire wear is one of the bigger contributors to your car's unwanted swerving.

Instability and Vibration at Highway Speeds

Another symptom of worn shocks and struts is instability at highway speeds. This is due to the shocks not being resistant to the road enough to stifle the impact of the road on the wheels. In some cases, acceleration can have a negative effect on worn shocks and struts. This often results in excessive rattling, shaking, and vibrations in the steering wheel.

Swerving and Dipping When Applying Brakes

If bringing your car to a halt causes the front end to dip noticeably or causes your car to swerve, worn shocks may be at fault. Be warned—it may be unsafe to drive your car if your shocks have reached this point. Be sure to have someone help you tow it away, rather than driving it anywhere to get it fixed!

We hope that this article on the warning signs of shock and strut failure will prove helpful to you in the future. If you have any of these problems and need replacement shocks and struts for lifted trucks, reach out to supreme suspensions today for more information!

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