The Different Symptoms of Bad Truck Shocks
The Different Symptoms of Bad Truck Shocks

Shocks on any vehicle are an exceedingly important component that keeps the vehicle stable and safe. This is why driving with worn shocks and struts can result in more than just the average wear and tear. In fact, in some of the worst cases, they can cause you to get in accidents. For this reason, you owe it to yourself—and everyone else on the road—to know the different symptoms of bad truck shocks.

Instability at Highway Speeds

One of the main symptoms most people will experience when having bad truck shocks is a lot of instability at highway speeds. This can result in a lot of vibration in the cabin while accelerating. If this is the case, the vibrations might fade away as your speed levels out, only to return when you accelerate. These vibrations will result in the fittings in your car loosening, and they’ll contribute to the overall wear of the suspension.

Tires Doing Actions They Should Not

Another sign of bad truck shocks is when the tires bounce excessively. In some cases, the bouncing may continue for a long time. It may be accompanied by a knocking sound that’ll sound very loud when you’re in the cabin.

Rear-End Squat During Acceleration

When your truck has bad shocks, the cabin will feel as if it’s shifting drastically backward when you accelerate. While this isn’t particularly dangerous in the handling, it can be a clear sign that your shocks have lost function. This sign may start happening before any of the other symptoms occur.

Uneven Tire Wear

One of the most pronounced symptoms of bad truck shocks is uneven tire wear. In most cases, this wear can be pronounced enough to cause swerving. It’s undoubtedly the most drastic result of worn shocks and struts in lifted trucks. Uneven tire wear can also result in vibrations or noticeable humming.

Shocks are some of the most important pieces on a car you must take care of if you want to prevent a loss of control while driving. As such, you must know the different symptoms of bad truck shocks to prevent any accidents due. Awareness and constant maintenance will allow you to be safe from any major mishaps.

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