How and When To Use a Recovery Tow Strap

If you are new to off-roading, you probably have heard the term recovery tow strap tossed around before but don’t have a clue of what it actually is. This ambiguity is somewhat common, as everyone assumes that everyone else already knows the basic off-roading recovery techniques. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth, as many people are still in the dark about these methods. To help you get the knowledge you need, here is the how and when of using a recovery tow strap!

What Is a Recovery Tow Strap?

A recovery tow strap is a semi-stretchable nylon strap explicitly engineered to pull cars out of otherwise un-towable conditions. In all situations where a recovery strap is a viable solution to getting unstuck, another vehicle is needed to provide the required leverage to pull the stuck car from its sticky situation.

These straps have loops on either end and are meant for attaching to both cars. On average, recovery straps will come in lengths of 20 to 40 feet with a towing pound capacity based solely on the width of the strap. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll have 10000 pounds of weight to play with for each inch.

How Do You Use a Recovery Tow Strap?

Before you use a recovery tow strap, it is essential to inspect the full length of the strap for any fraying or rips. Also, make sure the hardware you’re using to secure the straps to the vehicle is in workable condition. The last thing you want is a strap or a bit of metal hurtling at you going 100 miles an hour.

What Are the Appropriate Times To Use a Recovery Tow Strap?

In most situations, a recovery strap should only be used if there are no other options as far as traction plates or winches are concerned. They often end up being used when a car has completely flipped over or is otherwise unable to get righted onto all four wheels. Other situations may include when the car is in a completely unreachable position, such as in a ravine or a grove of thick trees. In these situations, recovery straps are vital as they allow for a flexible way for a car to get back onto solid surfaces.

We hope this guide has answered your questions on how and when to use a recovery tow strap. If you need any accessories associated with off-roading, check out Supreme Suspension. We have a vast stock of everything ranging from 4x4 recovery kits to suspension lift kits. Until then, happy off-roading and safe travels!

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