Advantages of Installing a Suspension Lift Kit
Advantages of Installing a Suspension Lift Kit

While installing a lift kit can sometimes be hard to accomplish, many will still undertake this task simply because of how many benefits it can provide your vehicle. People often turn to suspension lifts when they feel that they need more utility and mobility than their current rig provides, or if they need a bit more flair to their ride. However, the general population is still in the dark as to the major benefits that lift suspension kits provide to the average motorist. To help you understand the advantages of installing a suspension lift kit, here is what you can expect to experience while utilizing one of these kits on your vehicle.

The Different Types of Lift Kits

When selecting a lift kit, it is important to know what the differences between them are. This will give you the chance to have a much more informed opinion when you do finally decide to put a lift kit on your car.


A leveling kit is utilized for the express purpose of leveling out the body of the car so that the front sits at the same height as the back. Typically, truck manufacturers do this to maximize the potential load pulling weight available to the car, as this will push the load higher off of the bed of the truck. As far as visual differences go, there isn’t that much that is noticeable besides a level cabin.

Body Lift

A body lift kit is a kit that most will typically associate with bigger cars. It pushes the body off of the suspension a bit further than average, giving a lifted appearance. However, the suspension is kept in the same place and does not give any benefits as far as performance is concerned.

Suspension Lift Kit

A suspension lift kit is responsible for pushing the wheels further from the body of the truck. This is what most people most commonly associate with lifted trucks. These provide the most benefit out of any of the lift kits. Here are some of the main advantages that they can provide you!

Advantages of Suspension Lift Kits

Increased Clearance

One of the most obvious advantages that lift kits provide is the increased clearance. Simply put, a lifted vehicle benefits from a bigger distance between the floor and the road. When you combine suspension kits with shock upgrades, you can expect to have a comfortable and smooth experience driving.

Being Able To Drive Through Tougher Terrain

One of the main reasons that most automotive communities find themselves buying suspension lift kits is the desire to drive off-road. In almost every situation, a higher clearance vehicle has a lot easier time circumventing difficult terrain. The added clearance means that you can go over uneven, rocky terrain without worrying about getting stuck. It is worth noting that in every situation, a lifted truck is not enough, as off-roading takes a lot of skill and experience to navigate on the roughest roads.

Provides You With a Smoother Ride

Suspension lift kits manufacturers realize how important it is to have a smooth ride. This is why they design their suspensions to dull even the hardest of bumps without sacrificing performance. This can be useful for those who often haul loads in the back of the truck or van.

Better Visibility

One of the other factors that make lift kits so useful is that they provide you with better visibility. Because you sit higher off the road, you can usually see above the cars in front and behind you, giving you a complete view of any traffic situation. If you drive in congested urban zones and popular off-roading spots, a lift kit may improve your everyday drive in every way except the traffic.

Provides Easier Access To the Underbody

One of the least considered advantages of having a lift kit is the ease of accessibility. With most cars, it takes a lot of effort to get to the underside of the car. You might need a roller or even a car lift to reach any part on the undercarriage effectively. This is not the case with lifted cars, as the body is sitting much higher off the ground. This can be a huge boon for anyone who performs their own maintenance or customization.

Bigger Tires

As cool as big tires look, they certainly also serve a useful purpose. Bigger tires are often just considered cool more than useful. Stock tires are often narrow and ineffective in certain terrains such as sand and snow. Larger tires provide more weight dispersal and surface contact. This results in a tire that is better at crossing rough terrain and a tire that grips the road a lot better than a conventional tire. You should also keep in mind that with the clearance that a lift kit provides, snow is often not a problem—especially when you have wider tires that can disperse weight over a larger area.

It is worth noting that off-road tires are not good for all situations. You might want to get two sets of tires: one for highway and one for everyday trips. This will help preserve the tread on your more expensive off-road tires and make them last longer.

Assists With Towing

Suspension lifts make towing vehicles a lot easier. If you do not have a lift kit, in some cases, your rear bumper might get knocked off from a steep incline or rut. This is because the back end will not be as close to the ground during transport, making it a lot safer to transport a vehicle.

Safer Everyday Driving

Overall, one can expect to experience safer everyday conditions while driving a lifted vehicle. This is because you sit higher than most other cars, giving you a much better chance of spotting any hazards or hazardous drivers populating the road. It could also be because your wheelbase is much broader than other cars, so you are less likely to flip over than a regular car.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article on the advantages of installing a suspension lift kit. Remember that a lift kit installation is permanent in some cases, so do all your research before making your decision on a lift kit purchase. If you are looking for a top-quality parts and accessories supplier, head over to Supreme Suspensions for everything you need to get your vehicle performing at its best.

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