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Video: 2001 FORD F-250 4WD | 2.5" Front Lift Kit with Track Bar


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Hey folks and welcome to the Supreme Suspensins channel. Now I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve been spending quite a bait of time developing new products for all these new trucks that have been coming out. But that’s not that we’ve forgotten about the old ones. We’re still bringin out new stuff for those all the time.

Such an old truck s in our shop right now. It’s a 2001 Ford F250 and it’s got the 7.4 litre engine in it. What we’re going to do is put a little lift in the front to get it ready for a new set of wheels and tires and while we’re under there, we’re going to install an adjustable track bar to help get that alignment back into check. So let’s roll it in and see how she does.

Drop those front wheels and support the front axle.

Remove the brake calipers… and hang them out of the way.

Disconnect the sway bar links.

Disconnect the shocks from the axle.

Remove the bolt from the upper track bar mount. It’s a good idea have the track bar supported before removing the bolt so that THIS doesn’t happen.

Disconnect he track bar from the axle and remove it from the truck.

Disconnect the U bolts and  remove those little backing plates from under the axle.

Now gently lower the front axle.

Install large clamps onto the spring pack on either side of the axle so that spring stays aligned once it's apart.

Remove the center pins holding the spring packs together.

Install the leveling packs under the springs and secure them with the included bolts...

...and remove those c-clamps

Trim the top of the alignment bolts... so that the shock mount brackets can fit over them.

Raise the axle while making sure the alignment bolts line up with the holes on the axle.

Install the shock mounts and the ubolts over the axle.

Install the mounting plates onto the ubolts… and tighten the nuts down to 99 foot pounds

Attach the shocks to the axle and run the bolt down to 76 foot pounds.

Reinstall the brake calipers and rin the slider bolts to 42 foot pounds.

Reconnect the vacuum line for the automatic hubs.

Install the track bar into the front of the truck. Tighten the upper and lower mounts to 406 foot pounds.

Once the track bar is installed, make sure those adjusters are snuggled down.

Re-attach those swaybar links and run those nuts down to 80 foot pounds.

And once you get the wheels put back on, you’re ready to roll.

So our old F250 did really well in the shop today. Everything got nice and installed all clean and we’re really thrilled with how it’s sitting now. That said, we hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please hit like. If this is your first time checking out our channel, please hit subscribe. Now, if you have any questions at all about our products, whether you need to know what to get for your truck or if you’ve already purchased something and need some help installing it, please give us a call. We’ve been at this a long time. If you’re dealing with a problem, we’ve probably dealt with it too. Thanks for watching and have a great rest of your day.

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