Adjustable 2-3" Bar-Pin/Tie-Bar Shock Mount Extender Kit 2WD 4WD

Product Number: A7795


  • 4x 2" Tall Base Extender Brackets
  • 4x 1" Spacers for a total of 3" of Shock Extension
  • Adjustable wideness from 2.5" to 3.5"
  • Installation instructions

- Bar-Pin or Tie-Bar Mounted Shocks
- 3/8" (10MM) Mounting Bolts
- Mounting Bolt Spacing Between 2.5" and 3.5"

Developed and rigorously tested by in-house ASE certified specialists, this set of Shock Extenders is precision Laser Cut for outstanding performance and quality and finished with a proprietary protective coating to prevent oxidation and rust, ensuring a lifetime of dependability under even the most extreme riding conditions.

Our shock relocation brackets are engineered to reduce the over-extension of your shock pistons, refining the performance of your lifted ride and eliminating the need to purchase aftermarket extended shocks. We have included two additional 1" spacers to provide that extra length necessary to accommodate a higher lift.

Reuse of factory shocks will not compromise your ride quality, but we do recommended an alignment after altering the height of your vehicle.

After an easy 1-2 hour installation process*, you're ready to feature your new and improved ride!

NOTE: An alignment is always recommended after altering the height of your vehicle.