2005-2022 Ford F-250 Front Suspension Lift Kit & Bump Stop Spacers 4WD 4x4

Product Number: A7378


  • 2x Front Lift Steel Spring Spacers
  • 2x Front Bump Stop Spacers
  • Installation Instructions

Developed and rigorously tested by in-house ASE certified specialists, this set of front spring spacers is precision CNC machined using only the latest in metal fabrication technology. Each piece is crafted with the optimal material blend for its specific application, ensuring a lifetime of dependability under even the most extreme riding conditions. We have included our brand new bump stop spacer kit to ensure correct bump stop clearance and prevent suspension from bottoming out damaging suspension components, shock absorbers, and fenders. Each piece received a special coating during production to protect against the elements and offers premium resistance to corrosion. If you’re looking to level the stance of your truck, fit larger wheels and tires or pick up some ground clearance out on the trails, we have a kit tailored specifically to your truck and your needs. Choose the right kit the first time, Choose Supreme.

NOTES: Fits 4WD models only. An alignment is always recommended after altering the height of your vehicle.

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