2004-2008 Ford F150 4pc Bolt-on Rivet Style Spyder Fender Flares

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Product Number: A5110


  • 2x Front Spyder Fender Flares
  • 2x Rear Spyder Fender Flares
  • Installation Instructions

The Ford F150 bolt-on fender flairs are designed to give you the added body width needed for those wider rim and tire packages. Each flair has been molded to the exact body of your truck, making them a direct fit. Avoid the headache of typical universal flairs that you have to cut and match to your truck. These flairs give you the option of leaving them as-is for that rugged off-road look or can be prepped for paint. Using a fiberglass and plastic mix, these flairs will move with your truck under body flex and suspension torque. Each kit includes mounting hardware and rubber lining to prevent the flairs from rubbing against your stock paint.

NOTE: Will Not Fit Heritage Model