1999-2006 Toyota Tundra Full Suspension Lift Kit & Differential Drop 4WD 4x4

Product Number: A6069


  • 2x Front Billet Lift Spacers
  • 2x Rear Billet Lift Blocks
  • 2x Differential Drop Spacers
  • 3x Front Skid Plate Spacers
  • 4x Zinc Plated U-Bolts
  • Brake Valve Relocation Bracket
  • Installation instructions

IMPORTANT: Rock Warrior model and TRD suspension package will NOT fit 3" or 3.5" front spacer

Our Pro-Billet series full lifts are designed to accurately lift and level your truck for that more aggressive look over stock. Unlike steel struts and blocks that are cut-out and welded together, our Pro-Billet kits are crafted from solid blocks and will not bend or warp when under high stress loads. The differential and skid plate drop kit is highly recommended for 4WD model trucks with independent front suspension. This kit will lower your front differential and skid plate to reduce the excess wear on CV joints and axles while adjusting the skid plate location preventing any damage to your trucks components. Once you have lifted your truck, the brake proportioning valve will no longer read the load properly which could cause very dangerous driving situations upon breaking. Our added Pro-Billet Brake Proportioning Valve brackets moves the line to a higher position so it can properly sense the axle load this then sends the right amount of pressure to your brakes like factory. Each component of this kit is machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, then an anodized coating is applied to protect from rusting. We complete this kit with our high grade hardware and extended OEM spec zinc plated U-bolts keeping you’re parts safe and secure.

NOTES: An alignment is always recommended after altering the height of your vehicle.