2005 - 2016 Ford Super Duty 0-8" Lift Adjustable Track Bar Kit 4WD 4x4

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Product Number: A7749


  • Includes 1 Heavy Duty Adjustable Trackbar with 1-piece Machined Adjuster Sleeve.
  • Allows Proper Front Axle Alignment After Leveling / Lift Kit Installation, with Easy On-Vehicle Adjustment.
  • Install With O.E. Track Bar Mounts OR Aftermarket Drop Brackets.
  • Massive Cold Rolled Steel - Best Strength to Weight Ratio.
  • Superior Engineered product, 20% Thicker Wall Tubing compared to OE Track Bars.
  • Latest Design CNC Machined Adjuster Body with Full Diameter Threads for Precise Adjustment.
  • 4 Pinch Bolts for Increased Clamping vs Competitor Designs to Achieve Perfect Lock and 0% Adjustment Loss.
  • Serviceable HD Polyurethane Bushings for Quiet Operation, Increased Longevity and Decreased Road Vibration Transmission.
  • Proprietary Corrosion Resistant Finish and Stainless Steel Hardware.
  • Installation Instructions

Supreme Suspenions Adjustable Track Bar is a perfect compliment to any truck, from stock height applications to lifts up to 8". Constructed from top quality components, our track bar allows you to easily align your axle in minutes to get the correct length, while the Massive Cold Rolled Steel design with 20% Thicker Wall Tubing, compared to OE Track Bars, ensures high stability across all terrain conditions, and under any load, without compromising the safety and quality of the ride. The turnbuckle design with machined wrench indexes allows for easy adjustment on the vehicle, without the need to remove your track bar to get the correct length. The adjuster sleeve features 2 pinch bolts PER SIDE to eliminate the common O.E. style clamps which are prone to vibrating loose and loosing adjustment. We used Serviceable HD Polyurethane Bushings to ensure a quiet operation, increased longevity and decreased road vibration transmission. A proprietary electrostatic coating is used to ensure a level of protection and corrosion resistance that well exceeds today's automotive standards.