1994-2002 Dodge Ram Steering Gear Box Stabilizer Brace Kit 4WD 4x4

Product Number: A1383


  • Includes 1 Square Tube Heavy Duty Stabilizer Bracket
  • Includes 1 Sector Shaft Extension for Added Rigidity
  • Includes 1 Shaft Support Stabilizer Bearing with grease Zerk Fitting
  • Bracket is manufactured from American Steel
  • Bracket Elements have been Precision Machine Cut to match Vehicle Specs
  • Proprietary Protective Coating to Prevent Oxidation, Corrosion & Rust
  • Includes complete set of high-strength installation hardware
  • Simple Instructions for Easy, Do It Yourself Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our Re-Engineered Steering Stabilizer Kit is manufactured out of American Steel and has been brought to light as an improved version of our older model. Our Engineers and Production team have managed to make this new stabilizer kit 20% stronger using a new design and premium quality materials.

Our Steering Gear Box Stabilizer solves the recurrent issue of frame flex and wheel play in the driveline. Constructed from solid steel, the stabilizer ties in the frame rails making a solid bond between them. With the addition of the steering bearing, steering oscillation in the wheel is corrected. The steering bearing comes equipped with an easy to service grease zerk fitting making oiling the bearings a breeze.