1986-1995 Toyota IFS Pickup Rear Suspension Lift Blocks & Extended U Bolts 4WD for 7.5" Axles

Product Number: A2136


  • 4x Zinc Plated U-Bolts
  • 2x Billet Rear Lift Blocks
  • Installation Instructions

NOTE: Only fits 7.5" Axles

Our Pro-Billet Series Rear Lift Kits are precision engineered to lift and level your truck. The rear lift blocks are machined from T6 Aircraft Aluminum, then an Anodized coating is applied to protect from rusting. Unlike steel blocks that are cut-out and welded together, our Pro-Billet kits are built as a solid piece and will not bend or warp when stress is applied. We complete this kit with high grade hardware and extended OEM spec zinc plated U-bolts.

NOTES: An alignment is always recommended after altering the height of your vehicle.