Dirt Track Racing

This Expedition takes place on a dirt race track and we cover track specific personal and track safety information as well as Track Communications. We then hone your dirt track driving skills by helping you Identify, Navigate, and Adapt your drive line. Track Specific High Speed Cornering, High Performance Braking Techniques, and Navigating Special Features are also covered to hone your racing performance to next level. This experience takes about three hours.

Experience Required: Advanced
Seat Time: 3 hrs
Dates: TBA
Pricing: TBD
Course Overview:
Safety Protocols, Track Navigation & Communications, Track Driving Skills

Topics this Expedition will cover
  1. Safety & Communication

    • Personal Safety
    • Track Safety
    • Track Radio Communications
  1. Driving Lines

    • Identifying & Navigating a Driving Line
    • Adapting your Driving Line
  1. Track Techniques

    • High Speed Cornering
    • High Performance Braking Techniques
  1. Navigating Track Special Features

    • Jumps
    • Whoops
    • Moguls
    • and More
Preparing for Expeditions

What Should You Bring?

We want everyone to have a good time, but we also want everyone to be safe.

Besides bringing a registered UTV to the Experience Expeditions, as we DO NOT supply UTV’s for experience seekers, for all expeditions, we REQUIRE you to bring appropriate personal equipment and gear. We strongly recommend you bring the proper safety/emergency equipment; however, we won’t search your vehicle for it. Lastly, we have a list of suggested extras that you bring – just in case.

  1. Appropriate Personal Equipment and Gear:

    *required and suggested gear subject to event and location*
    • DOT Helmet
    • Goggles (when not using a full-face helmet)
    • Appropriate Shirt (long sleeve preferred, weather dependent)
    • Long Legged Pants
    • Sturdy Shoes / Boots (Above the Ankle preferred)
    • Gloves
  1. Proper Safety/Emergency Equipment:

    *required and suggested gear subject to event and location*
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Map / GPS / Mobile Phone
    • Radio
    • A Friend (preferably in their own UTV)
    • Tow Strap
    • First Aid Kit
    • Water
    • Trail Snacks
    • Flashlight w/ extra batteries
  1. Suggested Extras:

    *required and suggested gear subject to event and location*
    • Jumper Cables / Jump Box
    • Drive Belt (if applicable)
    • 12-volt Air Compressor
    • Lug Wrench
    • Jack
    • Spare Tire/Wheel
    • Extra Fuel
    • Small tool kit with any UTV specific tools, e.g. Belt Changing Tools