What To Know Before Lifting a Truck

What To Know Before Lifting a Truck


Lifting a truck is one of the most coveted modifications available these days. It gives your truck some extra flair, and it may be functionally necessary if you want to add a larger set of tires or take your truck off-roading. But before you set your heart on a lift, there are a few things you need to consider—here's what to know before lifting a truck.


How You Use Your Truck

Before all else, consider how you use your truck now and why you want to lift it. Do you use your truck to commute to work every day or run errands around town? Do you use it exclusively for off-roading? How rough is the terrain that you drive it on? Do you just want a lift because of the look it gives your truck, or do you need it for your truck to fulfill its purpose? These are all questions to consider before lifting, and your answers will help you determine whether or not you should lift your truck, and if so, what kind of lift would be best.


Local Laws and Regulations

Depending on which state you live in, your truck and its lift may be subject to local laws and regulations. These regulations may include a maximum height for truck lifts or specific places you can drive legally. If you violate these laws and regulations, you may be fined, so be sure to check before you make the modification.


Types of Lifts

There are two main types of lifts: body lifts and suspension lifts. With a body lift, the body of your truck will be raised above its frame, raising your truck slightly to create room for larger tires. These lifts are usually not very high—only about five inches at most. A suspension lift raises every part of your truck (with the exception of the tires) further from the ground, including the body and frame. With a suspension lift, the entire bottom of your car will have more clearance from the ground, making this type of lift ideal for off-roaders or those who want a higher lift. A suspension lift kit also gives you the option to lift only the front or the rear of your vehicle, making it look more uniform and attractive.


Other Parts You’ll Need

If you’re installing a suspension lift kit on your truck, you may also want to consider replacing a couple of other parts of your vehicle. A good set of shocks will improve the quality of your ride dramatically, especially if you plan to take your truck on uneven terrain. You may also want to consider switching out your truck’s old tires for a new set that fits better with your truck’s lift and intended use. This will help you to get the best possible performance from your newly lifted truck.

If you’re thinking of investing in a lift kit, it’s important to consider what to know before lifting a truck. Doing so will help you to make the best possible choice for your lifestyle and vehicle. Once you decide, check out our selection of suspension and lift kits here at Supreme Suspensions®. They’re affordable, easy to work with, and will give your truck the lift you’ve always wanted.

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