Wade Wyman Exclusive Interview

Wade Wyman #56 – Pro Lite Racer


Wade Wyman #56 – Transcript

So, coming into Utah Rounds 7 & 8, I felt like we had the best truck there. It was coming out fast.

In practice our first session we were 10th. We went back to the trailer, made a few changes, and on our second session we came out and we were running 1st fastest in practice. That was a big confidence booster in the changes we made.

We came out qualifying and knowing we’re coming out there to lay it down and go hard. I was just getting into the groove of things, ran a couple laps, I caught some guys, so I slowed down to gap them out. Right as I went to pick up speed entering Turn 1… It was violent.

Before I could even do anything about it, we were up on two wheels, upside down in the air flipping. That crash took out the radiator, all our coolers, complete body, steering system… It was pretty violent.

We had about 45 minutes to get ready for the race and with the help of my crew, we were ready. We came back to battle.

We made that fight and started at 19th and we fought all the way to 8th. I had some pretty good battles with some racers. It’s always intense but that’s what racing’s about.

You think you’re going to come out there and have a good clean weekend and it just flips on you. But you gotta flip it back around to prove to yourself, and your team, and to your sponsors that you’re there to battle and nothing is going to stop you.

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