Tips for Installing Your New Suspension Kit
Tips for Installing Your New Suspension Kit

If you’re installing a new lift kit for the first time, you’re definitely going to need a little bit of help. Lift kits are very complex to install; doing so requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Here are some great tips for installing your new suspension kit!

Remove Your Trackbar

If your rig has a track bar attached, you’ll have to remove or replace this when lifting your rig. Luckily, the installation of a new track bar is easy. To get the bolts back in line, all you have to do is attach a ratchet strap to one side of the axle. On the opposite side, fasten the strap securely onto the frame. Then ratchet the straps until the bolds line up and install the piece.

Bump Stock Extensions

Many aftermarket lift kits will come with a bump stock extension. Under most circumstances, these extensions have to be pressed in. You can install it stress-free by using a bottle jack in between the top and bottom of the axle and bump stock. After this, all you need is a few pumps to get it solidly in place.

Removing Tie Rod Ends

When you’re removing tie rod ends, loosen the nut until it’s only a few threads deep. Next, slam the knuckle with a hammer. You may have to repeat this a few times. You could also use a pickle fork, but keep in mind that doing so could damage your dust boot.

Freeing Any Stuck Bolts

Lastly, if you ever have any trouble with stubborn, rusted-out bolts, keep in mind that wd-40 and butane torches are extremely handy for freeing these stuck bolts. The heat will cause the metal to disintegrate the rust, while the wd-40 will lubricate and free the rusted bolt.

We hope these tips for installing your new suspension system will help you make the job easier in the future. If you’re looking to purchase any type of suspension lift kit and any other automobile off-roading accessories, check out Supreme Suspensions. We have a direct line to all suspension lift kit manufacturers to get you the best prices on the market.

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