The Best Places in America To Go Off-Roading
The Best Places in America To Go Off-Roading

Taking to the open road is a uniquely American activity, and summer is the best time to do it. But how about a small tweak on the concept? For those with four-wheel-drive and a desire for adventure—not to mention dust—we call it the off-road journey. Here are some of the best places in America to go off-roading!

Hollister Hills SVRA (Hollister, California)

The State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) in Hollister Hills has 24 miles of trails, including a man-made obstacle course with a mud bog that draws large crowds on weekends. Many of the routes of this off-road course, which is located in the mountains separating the city of Hollister from the Salinas Valley, are impassable when rainy, and tackling them is always a challenge.

Moab, Utah

Moab, located in southeastern Utah, is a well-known off-roading destination in the United States. The terrain has been a battleground for off-roaders, mountain bikers, hikers, and rafters, to the point where some trails have been restricted to off-road vehicles entirely or partially. There is, however, plenty of room for 4x4 trucks and other off-road vehicles. In the region, there are guided trail tours and Jeep rentals. Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) permits are necessary for residents and non-residents of the state.

Azusa Canyon (Azusa, California)

This is the only mud mecca in Southern California that is owned and operated by the state. The bogs here are fed by the San Gabriel River and are thick with silt from the adjacent San Gabriel Mountains, making it ideal for mudding. Your rig must be legal to drive on the street to gain entry.

Truck Night at Yankee Lake (Brookfield, Ohio)

Prepare to try off-roading through some of America's most difficult bogs. Truck Night at Yankee Lake in Brookfield, Ohio, draws large audiences who want to see high-horsepower trucks engage in muddy mud pits with entertaining games such as the rock crawl, log climb, car crush, and tug of war. From May through September, Truck Night takes place on Friday nights. Fans of off-roading should attend the season premiere, Trucks Gone Wild.

We hope you have enjoyed a recap of some of the best places in America to go off roading! If you are looking to go off-roading soon and need to find a quality suspension lift kit manufacturer to upgrade your car, be sure to reach out to Supreme Suspensions today.

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