Reasons Suspension Lifts Are a Better Choice Than Body Lifts
Reasons Suspension Lifts Are a Better Choice Than Body Lifts

Overall, while they’re more expensive than body lifts, suspension lifts are the way to go. There are many factors that one should consider when deciding what to put on their car. Even so, once you do the research, you’ll find that there’s no reason not to get a suspension lift over a body lift (assuming you can afford the higher cost). Here are the reasons suspension lifts are a better choice than body lifts.

The Case for Body Lifts

In general, one can expect to use body lifts primarily for raising the body away from the frame. This, in turn, gives you enough room for larger tires, but you still won’t have as much ground clearance as you would with suspension lifts. On average, one can expect the typical body lift kit to raise the vehicle's body off the frame by only two to five inches. If you’re looking for enough clearance to get over ruts and rocks, then you probably wouldn’t want a body lift. Many people don’t realize that—while it provides barely any of the benefits of a suspension lift—body lifts still come with the major disadvantage of a raised center of gravity.

The Case for Suspension Lifts

Suspension lifts are considered by most to be the optimal method to raise the body of your truck— especially if you’re passionate about the outdoors. Because the suspension lift kits extend the vehicle's suspension, it’s optimal for activities requiring high clearance. On average, most lift kits allow you to raise the truck's body by nine to twelve inches. Most of the time, this should be more than enough for any off-roading activities you may partake in. The only drawback is that suspension kits are a bit more expensive to put on when compared to body lifts.

No matter what you want out of your truck or car, having a suspension lift clearly gives you a huge advantage. Whether you’re looking for something that improves the style or function of the car, in both cases, a suspension lift is the optimal choice of body enhancements. In addition to suspension lifts, you’ll probably need such things as striker plates, drop brackets, or even wheel spacers for trucks. We hope that this article on the reasons suspension lifts are a better choice than body lifts has helped you gain some knowledge into the world of suspension parts! If you need any of these (along with any other suspension part), don’t hesitate to contact supreme suspensions for more information.

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