Must-Know Safety Rules for Off-Road Driving

Must-Know Safety Rules for Off-Road Driving

Off-road driving can be a lot of fun, but it can come with some dangers. To make sure you can safely enjoy any off-roading adventures you may have in your future, Supreme Suspensions® believe in Sense, Security, and Safety. Here are some must-know safety rules for off-road driving to keep in mind.

(Common) Sense

Tell Someone Where You're Going

As with all other back-country trips, letting someone know where you’re going and when you can expect to be back is essential to the safety of your party. People get lost or stuck quite often, and if a family member does not receive contact from you, they’ll know to call for help.

Pack Extra

Packing extra may seem unintuitive for a day trip in a car—but suppose that day trip turns into an overnight trip. Or a week-long trip. Always keep in mind that any trip can turn sour, and it’s best to prepare for the worst.

No Hanging

Hanging off the side of the vehicle or climbing over it when it’s stuck is a huge no-go. You or someone else could become stuck or even crushed between the machinery. Never act foolishly around a vehicle when you’re trying to get it unstuck. When fixing a vehicle, you can use proper tools, such as a 4x4 recovery kit, to maximize personal safety.

Stay Inside

You should keep all your arms and legs inside the vehicle. With the increased chance of rolling over, putting any limbs outside the vehicle may lead to you losing an arm, finger, leg, or toe. If you instinctually put your arm out when rolling, secure your window to prevent yourself from this potential accident.


Use Your Straps

Strapping down your gear is essential. Since off-roading trips come with very rocky terrain, objects of importance, such as sleeping bags, coolers, and tents, will fly off your vehicle if you don’t properly secure them. Additionally, loose items inside the vehicle have a way of becoming dangerous weapons when being thrown around the car’s cabin. Secure your objects! If you’re towing additional off-road vehicles like ATVs and UTVs, be sure to secure them down with strong tie down straps.

Buckle Up

As with any car ride, buckling up is the most important necessity in life-saving measures. This heavily applies to off-roading, as the chances of getting flipped and tossed around are a lot higher than on a regular road.


The Buddy System

Taking two cars on an off-roading trip is a must—not only for the fun factor but for safety, too. Having an extra vehicle gives you an additional mode of transportation if the first car becomes damaged. Without a spare car, you could strand yourself in the wilderness and have to walk back. Additionally, if one vehicle gets stuck in the terrain, having a second vehicle equipped with recovery gear will come in very handy.

Now that you have your Sense, Security, and Safety checklist down, have fun with your next off-road adventure. If you still need to make your truck off-road ready or need some additional recovery gear, Supreme Suspensions® has you covered. On top of reading our must-know safety rules for off-road driving, browse our selection of lift kits and recovery parts today!

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