How To Choose the Right Aftermarket Bumper for Your Truck
How To Choose the Right Aftermarket Bumper for Your Truck

Whether you're finally getting rid of your original bumper or seeking one with greater utility, choosing the appropriate bumper may be a difficult undertaking. There are so many things to consider—from simple selections like which coating to use to more sophisticated ones like style, options, and, of course, pricing. That's why we've created this guide to assist you in selecting the best bumper for your truck. Here are some of the most important things to consider when ascertaining how to choose the right aftermarket bumper for your truck!


While the bumper protects your truck, the coating protects the bumper not only from accidents but also from corrosion. The difference between a bumper whose paint chips off with every drive and one that endures the test of time is choosing the correct type of coating. There are a variety of off-road bumper coatings on the market. Some are plain paint, while others have a textured surface. However, powder coating is the best option out of the various options available. It outperforms the competition in terms of durability, protection, and color selections.


One thing you'll constantly have to consider is the bumper's appearance. You will not be satisfied with your truck if the bumper does not function properly, no matter how sturdy it is. Fortunately, all the main bumper manufacturers have gone to great pains to ensure that their product lines cover all the bases in terms of aesthetics. For example, if you don't want a bumper that stands out, a low-profile type would be a good option. These low-profile variants are designed to blend in with the vehicle's curves. They don't extend as far outward as traditional bumpers, but they provide comparable performance without losing looks. These are for you if you want to seem badass without being annoying.


When it comes to the level of protection a bumper can provide, its design is the deciding factor. Look for bumpers that come with a Grille Guard if you want no holds barred protection for the front of your truck. The bumper is only a small element of a truck's front end. The radiator is directly behind the grille, making it larger and more vulnerable to damage in the event of an accident. This entire area is shielded by a grille protector. If this is the case, we recommend a ranch hand style bumper replacement because of their focus on safety. However, grille guard bumpers are not for everyone. They tend to be huge and hefty because they cover the entire front of a vehicle. Bumpers with a pre-runner are worth considering if you're looking for a nice blend of protection and style. They're designed to withstand the test of time.


Pipe bumpers and steel plate bumpers are the two types of heavy-duty steel bumpers available. If you want optimum protection, steel plate bumpers are the best option. This is due to the fact that steel plates may be cut and formed to properly fit a vehicle. However, in order to achieve that full coverage, more steel plates must be utilized, which can increase the bumper's weight. Pipe bumpers are a wonderful option if you want to minimize weight while yet getting good protection. Steel pipes are used to make them, as the name implies. As a result, they won't cover your entire truck, but they will do the job they were designed to do. If you worry about durability, you should go deeper into the steel's details. The thickness of the steel plates or steel pipes is one factor, and the type of steel utilized is another. For example, if you compare a conventional steel plate of the same thickness from the same manufacturer to a high carbon steel plate of the same thickness from the same manufacturer, the high carbon steel plate wins.

Size and Weight

All the extra protection and accessories come at the expense of additional weight. It may not be an issue for a low-profile base bumper, but it can add a significant amount of weight to your truck for something beefier like a full-cover grille guard. If this is the case, you may need to raise your truck to accommodate all the features you require. If you need additional information, here's a handy guide. Also, the bumper's size and weight will have an impact on how it performs off-road, particularly in terms of approach angles and ground clearance. Looking at photographs online can give you an idea if this will be an issue, but it's preferable to visit a local showroom before making a purchase.


When it comes to accessories, this is something else to consider when selecting a bumper. It's crucial to double-check that your model is compatible with the accessories you intend to utilize. The winch, shackles, and illumination are the most typical accessories. Some bumpers will have the proper mounting for them, but not all of them will. Also, if you're trying for a clean and basic aesthetic, keep in mind that such mounts will detract from that. These mounting brackets aren't merely welded on. Winch-ready bumpers, for example, must be able to withstand the forces they would encounter when in operation. They also have to do it without bending the vehicle's bumper or structure.

When it comes to lighting, be sure the bumper you choose is compatible, especially when it comes to fog lights. Fog lights aftermarket come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Because some of the fog light holes are round and some are rectangular, the fog light holes should be matched correctly. On some models, even light bars have specialized mounts, so double-check to be sure that it fits.

There's also the front receiver, which is frequently used to mount other equipment. If the bumper has one, you can use a front hitch receiver if you plan on employing something like a spare tire or baggage carriers.

We hope this article on how to choose the right aftermarket bumper for your truck has been beneficial to your overall shopping know-how. If you are considering purchasing an aftermarket bumper, be sure to check out Supreme Suspensions! We have a great selection of aftermarket heavy-duty truck bumpers to ensure you have the selection you deserve.

How To Choose the Right Aftermarket Bumper for Your Truck

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