Video: CoilSpring Compressors - The do's and don'ts & all you need to know!

In this video we go over how to properly use our Supreme Suspensions coil spring compressors. For more questions & answers give us a call at 888-810-6791 and ask to speak with our certified ASE Technicians. Follow us on other social media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Our Website: CoilSpring Compressors Transcript: Hey folks, Tim from Supreme Suspensions here and today we’re going to talk about coil spring compressors. Now a lot of late model trucks come out of the factory with a coil-over strut-style suspension and that are a lot of advantages to that design in terms of packaging and ride quality, but it gets a little tricky when that strut cartridge finally gives up the ghost. So a strut cartridge is basically like a standard tube shock except it’s got some provisions on it to mount a coil spring to it. But, like a standard tube shock, the valving inside of it eventually wears out and the nuit needs to be replaced. So in a perfect world, we’d all have big industrial-style coil spring compressors mounted to the walls of our shop. Operation of them is pretty simple. You mount the strut inside of it and you spin the mechanism down on the top, the coil spring gets compressed, you take your strut apart, and life is good. An alternative, though, is to pick up a two-piece, portable, threaded-rod style coil spring compressor kind of like this one that we sell here. To use them , you install the two pieces onto opposite sides of the coil spring and if there’s some safety catches involved, you’ll want to make sure they’re on there as well. Then you alternate from side-to-side, kind of incrementally tightening them down until the coil spring is compressed. Once the coil spring is compressed, you can disassemble the strut and go on with your repair. So to save time with these things, you might be tempted to grab for that impact gun but I really strongly recommend against doing this because using that kind of force on these spring compressors can jerk those hooks loose and, again, we’re back to taking a coil spring to the face. So all that said, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please hit like. If this is your first time checking out this channel, please hit subscribe. Check back soon for additional rech tips and tutorial videos. Thanks for watching and have a great rest of your day.

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