A Checklist To Prepare for Your First Rock Crawling Drive
A Checklist To Prepare for Your First Rock Crawling Drive

Isn’t the ability to go off-road part of the point of purchasing a Jeep? The terrain you choose to conquer will influence your technique and equipment choices. Similarly, you’ll need to learn different tactics for diverse types of terrain; navigating boulders is not the same as navigating marshes. We’ll go over which equipment is similar, how types differ, and whether the items are ultimately compatible. Use this in-depth checklist to prepare for your first rock crawling drive!

Basic Off-Road Equipment for Mudding or Rock Crawling

A Winch

A winch is an extremely useful tool. If you’re trapped in the mud or wedged between two vertical boulders, you’ll be thankful you have a winch to lift you out.

Recovery Straps

Recovery straps are useful if you are off-roading with a party and find yourself stuck in a situation where your winch cannot perform. As such, recovery straps use another vehicle’s power to pull you out of whatever muck and mud you are stuck in. If you are looking to purchase a recovery strap kit, be sure to reach out to Supreme Suspensions® today!

A Spotter

You’ll feel secure knowing that, like with a winch, you have help to get you through any hurdle you’re up against. While not a piece of equipment, a skilled spotter will assist you in seeing traps in the road and forecasting your course with greater accuracy. Their help can prevent problems such as ending up high-centered or requiring the use of a winch in the first place.


Stock lights are helpful, but extra lights added above the windscreen or on the bumper will be most beneficial while off-roading in inclement weather or the dark of night.

Shocks, Lift Kits, and Suspension Systems

Both mudding and crawling require you to upgrade each of these features. Lift kits provide additional clearance under the Jeep as well as a wider turn radius to accommodate larger tires. When crawling, an improved suspension can handle the majority of the labor while allowing for greater flexibility when mudding. Shocks absorb the impact of trail obstructions, especially when pebbles hide beneath the murky surface. You’ll need to prepare ahead of time if you intend to elevate your truck.


Lockers regulate the engine’s output and maximize low gears by transmitting power to the working tires or the tires that are in contact with the ground, resulting in enhanced traction.

Cleaning Supplies

You’ll want to clean the dust or mud off your equipment carefully after a thrilling day on the trails. Keeping cleaning supplies on hand can help you avoid corrosion of metals and contamination of fluids, which could lead to worse problems.

A Tire Repair Kit and a Spare Tire

Tire repair kits and spares are something that owners frequently ignore. Most of the time, especially on trucks, customers rely on their factory-installed spare tire, which has been there since you purchased the vehicle. The problem is that people usually don’t realize the tire is defective until they need it. As a result, always ensure that you have a tire in good condition that matches the size of the other four on the car, as well as the tools necessary to change it. Our universal tire carriers allow you to keep your spare secure and in great condition on even the roughest drives.

An Air Inflator and a Deflator

A fast deflator is another tool you don’t realize you need until you need it. It can help you save time and money by preventing the misplacement of valve stems. There are a few options commonly seen in an off-roader’s toolkit when it comes to re-airing. A tiny air compressor is one of them. This choice is acceptable because it will get the job done, even if it takes a long time to do so.

If you want to air up quickly and painlessly, Power Tanks are an excellent solution. These CO2 systems are incredibly portable and simple to operate, and they can quickly air tires as well as give enough pressure to run air tools.

Gear Specifically Designed for Mudding

Several changes are necessary to get the most out of using your Jeep off-road in muddy conditions.


While the tires are under stress and strain, beadlock wheels prevent liquids from seeping into the tires. They also hold the tires on the rims during bumps and scrapes beneath the muddy surface, which can cause difficulties later.

Mudding Gear

You’ll need a jack, tow straps, and a shovel, at the very least. Tow hooks on the front and/or rear bumpers are especially useful, as is a snorkel for keeping the engine dry while traveling into deep water, marshes, or mud holes. You’ll also need an exhaust fording kit or a smog pump to keep liquids out of the exhaust system.

Gear Specifically Designed for Rock Crawling


The rules of rock crawling vary based on the model of Jeep you drive, but you’ll need to know how to deflate your tires (which is not necessarily for mudding). Deflating the tires to a pressure between 10 and 20 PSI will increase traction by spreading the surface area of the tread. Bigger tires aren’t always better for crawling, but they’re your best choice for mudding. Note that larger tires will necessitate the installation of a raise kit to guarantee that your clearance for both height and turn radius is optimal.

Crawling Gear

Anyone interested in rock crawling should keep spare tires, an axle shaft, wiring replacements, hubs, and U-joints on hand at all times. You’ll probably need one or all these pieces if you play hard enough. It may seem like a lot to carry, but you’ll only regret it if you need something and don’t have it.

Sway Bar Disconnect

Disconnecting the sway bar has never been easier than with the electric disconnect dash button found on the 2011 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The ability to separate will improve tire articulation, which will improve rock climbing flexibility and stability.

Keep this list of the top things to bring to prepare you for your first rock crawling drive in mind as you pack your gear for the next trip out. If you are looking to purchase anything related to upgrading and refining your vehicle’s suspension and performance, be sure to reach out to Supreme Suspensions today!

A Checklist To Prepare for Your First Rock Crawling Drive

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