4 Reasons Your Lower Control Arm Bushings Could Be Failing
4 Reasons Your Lower Control Arm Bushings Could Be Failing

Tires, wheels, shock absorbers, springs, joints, bearings, and bushings are all part of a vehicle’s suspension system. All of these things help the vehicle’s frame and cabin move. Control arms are the components that connect the suspension system to the vehicle’s frame. A vehicle often has a lower control arm and an upper control arm. Here are four reasons your lower control arm bushings could be failing.

Accidental Damage 

A vehicle’s lower control arm bushing is a small and delicate component. A mechanic could accidentally damage the lower control arm bushing while working on your vehicle, especially if they’re working on the suspension. If the bushing is already worn out from use and age, it will sustain damage more easily. If your lower control arm is damaged, you should hear some loud and irritating clunking noises coming from your car.

Wear and Tear

Every second you drive your vehicle, the lower control arm is put to the test. Because the lower control arm must stay linked to the frame, the bushing of the lower control arm withstands considerable strain. The lower control arm bushing wears out as your car accumulates mileage. This wear and tear will ultimately get to a point where you will hear little clunking noises while you’re driving. At this point, you’ll know that you have a damaged bushing that requires replacement.

Rocky Terrain

If you frequently drive on rough terrain or on roads with uneven surfaces, your lower control arm and bushing will wear down faster. As a result of the vibrations and roughness of the driving experience, the bushing will eventually loosen. The bushing will continue to knock about and get damaged as a result of the uneven terrain.

Driving off Too Quickly

If you are the type of driver who shifts into gear and then slams on the gas pedal, your vehicle will suffer some consequences. Peeling away too quickly will put your lower control arm and its bushing under a lot of stress. The bushing will loosen and bang around inside the system if you do this too frequently.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to the top reasons your lower control arm bushings could be failing. If you are looking to purchase control arms for lifted trucks, be sure to reach out to Supreme Suspensions today!

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