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VIDEO: 2016 Toyota Tacoma Leveling Kit Installation


We head into Supreme Suspensions’ brand new development facility to install a 2016 Toyota Tacoma leveling kit!


Tacoma Leveling Kit INSTRUCTIONS:

(4Runners and FJ Cruisers are VERY similar)
-raise the vehicle and support it securely on jack stands
-remove the front wheels
-disconnect the sway bar link from the hub assembly
-discnonect the mounting bolts for the brake line, wheel speed sensor wires, and the stability (if equipped)
-Leaving the brake line attached, remove the brake caliper and secure it out of the way
-Remove the cotter pin and nut from the upper ball joint and disconnect the ball joint
**do not use a pickle fork to do so – it can damage the ball joint
-remove the three outer retaining nuts from the top of the strut mount
**do NOT remove the center nut – it is integral to the strut assembly and damage can result
-remove the lower retaining nut from the strut assembly
-disconnect the strut from the lower control arm by removing the retaining bolt
-gently lower the lower control arm and remove the strut assembly
**CAUTION: do not let it become tangled in the brake line or wheel speed sensor wires
-secure the strut assembly on a workbench.
**further disassembly is NOT required
-slide the leveling spacer over the three studs that previously secured the strut to the upper mount
**TORQUE SPEC: 47ft-lb.
-reinstall the strut assembly into the upper strut mount. attach the three supplied nuts to the leveling spacer studs on the top of the upper strut mount
**TORQUE SPEC: 47 ft-lb.
-Reattach the strut assembly to the lower control arm
**NOTE: strut may need to be pivoted to achieve proper alignment
**TORQUE SPEC: 100 ft-lb.
-reattach the sway bar link to its end link
**TORQUE SPEC: 52 ft-lb.
-reattach the upper ball joint to the steering knuckle. Install a new cotter pin (NOT INCLUDED)
** TORQUE SPEC: 81 ft-lb.
-Reattach the mounting bolts for the brake line, wheel speed sensor wires, and stability sensor
-reinstall the wheels
**TORQUE SPEC: 82 ft-lb.

Filmed & Edited by Sergio Guiducci

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