2015-2020 Polaris RZR 900 50" Full 1" Suspension Lift Kit

Product Number: A6821


  • Includes 1x Front Lift Brackets
  • Includes 1x Notched Front Bracket
  • Includes 2x Large Rear Brackets
  • Includes 2x Small Rear Brackets
  • Precision Plasma Cut for Perfect Fitment and Outstanding Performance.
  • Professional Protective Coating to Prevent Oxidation and Rust.
  • Increases ground clearance and provides a firmer, more responsive suspension.
  • Allows for Installation of Plus Sized Tires.
  • Completely Bolt-On, NO cutting, grinding or welding required.
  • Includes complete set of High-Strength Installation Hardware.
  • Simple Instructions for Easy, Do It Yourself Installation.

* 2017 models require moving the sway bar link from the outside to the inside of the sway bar

Supreme Suspensions has the best products with the best prices. We believe in Safety and Standards in both machining and manufacturing. Unlike our competitors who offer you low prices for inferior products, we build products that lift and level your vehicle without compromise. Cutting corners is awesome when driving your truck, but not when manufacturing, buy right, choose Supreme.

Increase the ground clearance on your SxS and make room for bigger tires for true all terrain capabilities with Supreme Suspension's 1 Inch Full Lift Kit. Developed and rigorously tested by in-house ASE certified specialists, this lift kit is made completely out of steel components and designed by the experts with your OEM ride quality and comfort in mind as well as lifetime use. Our easy install kit bolts right on and requires no cutting or grinding. By moving the shock mounts we've made room for larger tires while providing a firmer, more responsive suspension. The parts are sand blasted, then Zinc coated, and finally powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance.

NOTES: An alignment is always recommended after altering the height of your vehicle.