1986-1998 Toyota IFS Pickup Full Suspension Lift Kit & Sway Bar Drop 2WD 4x2

Product Number: A1835


  • 2x Front Ball Joint Lift Spacers
  • 2x Rear Steel Add-A-Leaf springs
  • 2x Differential Drop Spacers
  • 2x Sway Bar Drop Brackets
  • 2x Front Skid Plate Spacers
  • Installation Instructions

Supreme Suspension Add-a-Leaf rear lift kits are precision engineered to lift your truck and increase your towing capacity. The Pro-Billet series front ball joint spacers are designed to accurately lift and level your truck for that more aggressive look over stock. Unlike steel spacers that are cut-out and welded together, our Pro-Billet kits are crafted from solid blocks and will not bend or warp when under high stress loads. Our leaf springs are formed from high-carbon, high-silicon steel which has been hardened and tempered to aid in spring shape retention. This ensures that the spring will not sag, or have its arc deform over time due to heavy loads or severe off-roading conditions. Depending on the condition of your spring pack, our add-a-leafs will raise the rear by 1.5-2". This kit comes complete with high grade hardware including extended spring center pins. Stabilizer bar angle and function can become a major concern for certain vehicles when lifting the front of your vehicle, and a misaligned sway bar can lead to adverse handling characteristics and excessive body roll when driving at moderate to high speeds. Our sway bar relocation bracket helps solve this issue by moving the mounting base of the bar down and back slightly. Just the right amount to correct the range of motion and keep your vehicle handling the way it should.

NOTES: Fits 2WD models only.