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Wade Wyman

For some people racing is a fun sport to watch from the grand stands. But not me, I was born with racing in my blood and was never one to turn down a challenge. My name is Wade Wyman.

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Life Hack: Install Axle Shafts The First Time, Every Time


The constant-velocity (CV) joint was once limited to small, front wheel drive cars such as the BMC Mini. While considerably more complicated (and expensive) than standard universal joint, it allows the half shaft to operate at a much more extreme angle without the risk of the vibrations and binding associated with classic universal joints. These days, virtually every four wheel drive truck with independent front suspension uses some variation of the CV joint. Read More

Life Hack: Tying Up Those Tie Rod Ends


My esteemed colleague and I spent the weekend overhauling a couple of areas on our friend’s 2000 Toyota 4Runner, a sensible choice for those in the market for a cheap 4×4. Among a laundry list of various odds and ends, we replaced the outer tie rod ends. The challenge was, since we were doing the project at home, reassembling the suspension with enough accuracy so that the old girl could make it across town to an alignment rack without destroying her brand new tires. Read More

Weekend Warriors: 2000 Toyota 4Runner Edition


It was a quiet afternoon at the Supreme Suspensions fortified compound. I was taking my lunch in the billiards lounge, as usual, when my telephone rang. An old friend was on the other end of the line, a good man that I had met years ago when times were simpler.

“It’s the 4Runner,” he said with a tinge of despair. “It has a squeak. It has a leak.” Read More

Four of the Best Cheap 4×4’s on eBay


New trucks are pretty rad and, as we’ve been finding out, lightly used ones can be just as good. The problem is that these vehicles come with a price tag and, if you have off-roading on the mind, you probably don’t want to thrash all that hard on a vehicle that’s worth north of $25,000. Or maybe you just don’t have that much to spend on your next truck, which is completely respectable, because I don’t either. Read More

Shocks: To Reservoir or Not To Reservoir


If you’ve been shopping for off-road shocks for longer than ten minutes, you’ve likely run across a set or two that are equipped with external reservoirs. While they undoubtedly look cooler, you may be curious as to why it may or may not be necessary to fork over a premium for the upgrade. Read More