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Wade Wyman

For some people racing is a fun sport to watch from the grand stands. But not me, I was born with racing in my blood and was never one to turn down a challenge. My name is Wade Wyman.

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Oh, Lord, Won’t You Buy Me a Mercedes-Benz… Pickup?


If the late, great Janis Joplin had also needed to pick up a yard of mulch from her local garden center, her prayers would have likely been answered by the upcoming Mercedes-Benz X-Class. Recently spotted prowling the roads of far-far awayland (Germany) was a not-so-conspicuously camouflaged pre-production version of Benz’s utility wagon that’s due to hit showrooms late next year. It’s looking dangerously market-ready and was possibly out and about for purposes of real-world testing or more likely to generate a media buzz while banking on our love affair with re-tweeting things that we find vaguely interesting. Read More

Dealing With That Darned Death Wobble


The culture surrounding off-road vehicles, as with pretty much anything motorized, is filled with grand tales of harrowing bravado. One subject that always seems to come up during story time in our shop is that of the repugnant death wobble, especially when a Jeep product is involved. But what is death wobble and how can it be remedied? Read More

Wait, What? A New Ford Bronco Is Confirmed?


Since you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you have access to the interwebz and therefore probably have caught wind that our questionably-quaffed president-elect has been leaning on Ford, among others, to expand US-based production capacities. Aside from a bright future for the UAW Local 900, this will also mark the triumphant return of the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco nameplates for 2019 and 2020 respectively. So we’re told, at least; Ford has been teasing us with Bronco concepts for over a decade now and it never actually quit building Rangers, it just stopped selling them here. Read More

Video: Actual Adults Injure Themselves Racing Power Wheels


Ahh, that awkward week between Christmas and New Year’s. You’re overfed but haven’t started going back to the gym yet, you might be at your office but you’re totally mailing it in, and you’re kids are (relatively) occupied with a fresh pile of shoddily made toys, thanks to a healthy trade agreement with China. But what about all the stuff you bought them in years past? Notably, that stupid, tiny, electric Jeep for which you plunked down three Benjamins so that it can now sit in a corner of your garage, collecting dust, next to old paint buckets and a set of snow tires to a car that your spouse totaled three years ago. Well, the folks over at Busted Knuckle Films have been throwing an annual event that can put your progeny’s forgotten hunk of plastic to good use, even if the battery no longer holds a charge.

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Life Hack: Babying Those Constant Velocity Joints


Found on anything from four wheelers to one-ton 4×4’s, constant velocity (CV) joints are handy devices that facilitate power transfer from the drive train (differential) to the wheel (via the hub) in independent suspension applications. Unlike the universal joints typically found on drive shafts, CV joints can operate at relatively extreme angles without vibrations or variations in output speeds. Although CV joints aren’t directly related to suspension components, they’re often in the way when doing things like installing lift kits. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of their ins and outs before tearing into anything. Read More

Life Hack: How To Drain A Swimming Pool With an Old Hyundai


November is almost upon us, which means that many of our northern compadres are way overdue to winterize their swimming pools. For most who like to use their things for more than one season, this is a tedious process that involves shocking it with caustic chemicals, partially draining the thing, tearing down a host of equipment, some serious scrubbing, and procuring a heavy duty cover. While most of these procedures can be managed with enough time and money, there is still the matter of what to do with the 5,000 or so gallons (that’s 18,927.06 litres for you worldly folk) of water to be pumped out. Read More